The Perfect Gift For Sara


George should get some praise. He's a porn star in Prague whose love of busty women really comes through in his videos. A lot of stunt-dicks look like they don't care who they're fucking on any given day. George always looks like he's really enjoying banging his porn partner, and here she's the bosomy and attractive Sara, a girl I consider one of the all-time Czech hotties of adult videos. Like George, she always looks like she's enjoying herself and not going through the usual motions. Most male porn performers should study how George lustily sucks nipples and eats pussy. The opener has George buying a gift for Sara, one that's also a gift for himself. When he helps her put on the new bra he's gifting her, he lights up like it's Christmas morning and Sara is his erotic gift. What's also nice about this scene is Sara jacking George off on her tits. I get annoyed when the guy jerks himself to shoot a load on the girl, and all porn in general is filled with that. "I don't wear a bra in the summer," Sara wrote in her model bio document. A friend suggested she try adult modeling. It turned out that she liked posing in sexy clothing and naked. Fucking on-camera came next. I think she's one of the best, sexiest girls we've ever photographed. "I wear tight clothing and high heels when I go out because I like to catch the eye. I've always liked attention. It is always a give and take with a man. There should be sharing. I do not really meet any passive men. I usually have sex once a week. Not as much as you might guess."

Date: March 19, 2024