Ice Cream For Tessa Orlov – Tessa Orlov – XLGirls


Young, curvy and cuddly Tessa Orlov returns home from shopping and invites us to her place. She has the same kind of sexy-cute personality as Monica Love. As she strolled home, Tessa didn't worry about a nip slip or a wardrobe malfunction. Her open coat and tight, low-cut top shows the curvature of her bountiful breasts. She loves her body and likes to show some cleavage. It gets her better service when she shops. "I worked as an ice cream salesgirl and all the men bought it from me because I have big breasts," Tessa revealed. When she walks into the kitchen with her shopping bag and takes off her coat, Tessa is ready for a little snack and reaches for the vanilla ice cream. Spooning it into her mouth, Tessa spills some on her rounded mounds. Whoops. Better get out of those clothes fast, Miss Orlov. "Most often, I emphasize my breasts in clothes," Tessa said. "I like to wear something tight with open tops, and T-shirts. Sometimes, I don't wear a bra. It's nice sometimes not to wear it and feel a lot of men's eyes on me. And sometimes women's. I do it depending on my mood." Tessa feels up her luscious body and lies down on the kitchen floor. Her hand reaches for her plush pussy. "I like to masturbate. I think all the other girls do, too. I have a few toys that make me feel good. I can do it for a very long time and get an orgasm again and again. It gives me pleasure." Seeing Tessa give herself pleasure is a pleasurable sight. A girl to share ice cream with.

Date: March 19, 2024